hola :c mm bueno soy mujer amo el futbol , soy chilena y mi unico y verdadero amor es COLO COLO <3 <3


Favorite Football Rivalries:

FC Barcelona & Real Madrid, El Clásico.

Jorge Valdano has likened them to cathedrals in the middle ages: A city builds a fabulous cathedral, so the next city must build something better. Like competitive neighbours, one buys a fast car, so the other buys a faster car. Barcelona go Dutch, Madrid go Dutcher. Madrid go galactic, Barcelona go cosmic.

Anything you can do, I can do better.

Real Madrid and Barcelona live in a swirl of mutual dependence. They feed off each other, driving each other on. The determination and the need to prevail propels them, forcing them to reach ever higher.

Competition makes them. (x)